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Want to learn more about fishing for Walleyes? MidWest Outdoors has a full digital archive of walleye fishing articles, from MidWest Outdoors magazine!

Woman River in Remote Ontario

Slow down, unplug, get back to nature Canada represents more than just a quality fishing vacation. The Canadian wilderness is […]

Walleye Catching Tempo Trifecta

Retrieve fundamentals for sinking walleye baits Sinking baits like jigs, swimbaits and blade baits are reliable walleye catchers and work […]

Are You an Ethical Angler?

It was a beautiful fall day on the Rainy River. I was fishing with my brother for walleyes the day […]

Speedy Spinners

Speed and using spinners for walleyes sounds like a direct contradiction. But running spinners, typically baited with nightcrawlers, has always […]

Positioning Secrets for ‘Crawler Harness Mastery

At one point in my life I thought about pursuing pro walleye fishing. As a step on this discernment, I […]

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