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Midwinter Ice

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Tapping Tip-ups

Intrigued with expanding use of tip-ups this winter but feeling somewhat intimidated how to do it? These tips should help: […]

Ice Fishing Dream Trips

Ice fishing adventures abound across both the U.S. and Canada. Some of the destinations are exotic and remote while other […]

Ten Secrets for Keeping your Hands Warm

After safety, there’s no question one of the biggest concerns is comfort on the ice. Although recent advances in cold-weather […]

Hitting ‘Rock Bottom’

Not much else grabs your attention more than noise. And the same holds true for fish. In fact, no matter […]

Spoon-tweaking Perch

Few lures are as effective for jumbo perch as spoons, as they pack weight, flash and water displacement into a […]

What’s a Pike Between Friends?

I couldn’t help but feel guilty as we began to unpack our ice fishing gear from the pickup. It was […]

Tips for ‘Icing’ More Fish

This isn’t just another series of tips for catching more fish, it’s literally about how to “land” one or more, […]