Short Shots & Small Catches

Live bait
If you use live bait during these hot summer days make sure to keep them cool. Whether its minnows, worms, leeches or any live bait, keep them chilled and out of the sun. When purchasing a minnow bucket, those types with battery-powered aerators work well. Leaving the lid sealed on the bucket is also a wise practice. It is important to try and keep the water cool for as long as you can. And it’s best not to have the water too cold if you are fishing in much warmer water temperatures either. The sudden temperature difference can spell the bait’s demise. Those cheap, white Styrofoam bait buckets work well for minnows, leeches and worms; floating bait buckets are nice too. The bottom line is that you want a good “live” presentation when using your bait.

Get the lead out
Lead in drinking water seems to be raising its ugly head in some cities. The word “plumbing” comes from the Latin word for “lead.” Lead was one of the main materials used for making pipes in ancient Rome.

Izaak Walton
This gentleman was born in Stafford, England, in 1593. The man was a philosopher, conservationist and naturalist. He is best known for his famous book, The Complete Angler. His famous saying was, “Angling…like virtue, is a reward in itself.” He passed away in 1683 at the age of 90. Since 1922, the Izaak Walton League of America has worked for sensible solutions to the most pressing challenges facing our country’s natural resources. There are now over 44,000 members of the organization with 240 community-based chapters. The largest chapter in Illinois is Geneseo with 174.

‘Keep your powder dry’
This was a popular saying during the time when soldiers and hunters had to use flintlock firearms. Of course, shooting a flintlock takes a bit of practice with loading, shooting and cleaning. One must also get used to the first “little” bang followed by a much louder one. Keeping the powder dry in the lock’s pan is just as important today as it was of yesteryear. Still, there is something to say about shooting a flintlock firearm—it’s fun!

“Be careful when you follow the masses; sometimes the “m” is silent.” “I hate it when the voices in my head go silent…I never know what they are planning.” “I speak my mind because it hurts to bite my tongue all the time.” “Sometimes, when I’m sitting quietly fishing, I wonder why I’m not in a mental institution. But then when I think of what is going on around in the world, maybe I’m already in one!”

Waste food
Most of us throw away food after reading it has expired according to the date on the wrapper or can. However, a few days or maybe even a week passed the expired date, some food products can be safely eaten. Of course, if we are talking about infant formula, unpasteurized dairy products, deli meats and smoked seafood, it is best to heed the expired date.

Our environment
Next time you’re out fishing and having a can of pop or beer, think about recycling it. One recycled aluminum beverage can save enough energy to run a TV for three hours. Some glass bottles that are thrown in the trash take about 4,000 years to decompose. If you can recycle, please do so.

Turkey vultures
Sometimes as they soar in the sky, turkey vultures are mistaken for eagles or hawks. If you watch them, they hold their wings in a “V” position. Though not the most handsome of large birds, they do help clean up dead carcasses. They are Mother Nature’s scavengers and locate their food by smell and sight.

Boat trailer tips
A bunk trailer is good to purchase if you have a fiberglass boat. While there is certainly nothing wrong with using a roller trailer with a fiberglass boat, it’s just that the bunk style gives the hull full-length support. The downside is it takes more effort to launch and retrieve your craft with a bunk trailer. Rollers can make it much smoother. Remember, when launching your boat or when bringing it out of the water, tilt your outboard up so you don’t hit the lower unit and prop.

Congratulations, Remington
The Remington Arms factory in Ilion, N.Y. is celebrating their 200th year in the firearms business. Eliphalet Remington and Sons started their company in 1816. The company’s Model 870 pump-action shotgun is legendary, with over 10 million sold. Their Model 700 bolt-action rifle has also been a bestseller.

Not your regular bobber
What will the fishing industry come up with next? Now you can purchase a high-tech bobber that will show you what exactly the structure is where you’re fishing; there are four different companies that offer such a device. You can cast or troll the gadget and it will transmit the information to your iPhone or tablet—very cool.