Short Shots & Small Catches

Fast fish

It wasn’t in the Summer Olympics in Rio, but the fastest fish in the world, the sailfish, would win a gold medal for sure. It can move at a speed of 68 mph. Coming in second for the silver would be the tarpon at 50 mph.

Improve catfish bait

To improve the taste of prepared stink bait for catfish, try mixing garlic in the container. While many of us like the taste of garlic, it can cause bad breath and body odor, which is obviously not a big deal to the catfish.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my

We’d best respect all three of these wild beasts. Lions spend 20 hours a day resting. When up, they prey on gazelles, antelopes, zebras, buffalo and even crocodiles. If they are real hungry, humans can be on the menu. Tigers are actually the largest of the cat family. They are mostly nocturnal and usually live alone.

Bears are classified into nine species. Bears have a large variety of foods they like, including plants, but all are carnivorous. The American black bear is usually active at night and will roam large distances to find fruit, berries, nuts, roots, honey, insects or fish. I’m not sure this is true, but I’ve always heard that if a bear chases you, and it is hilly in that area that it’s best to run down the hill rather than up it. According to some experts, it has to do with the size of its front legs compared to its hind legs.

Animal tips

Bald eagles can have a wingspan of up to 7 feet. Rabbits have almost 360-degree vision. Speaking of good vision, the wild turkey not only has excellent vision, but it can also fly up to one-quarter of a mile. The bullfrog can grow to 8 inches long.

Just retired

Here are some things you might want to start while you enjoy the good life: spend more time with grandkids, start a new business, go fishing more, plant a garden, write poetry, read more, try photography, visit old-time friends and then go fishing some more.


Some mistakes are just too much fun to make only once.

Birthdays are good for you: the more you have, the longer you live.

Why are light bulbs always happy? Because they prefer to look on the bright side.

What do you call an incandescent Pokeman? A Light Bulb-asaur!

My wife, Lorna, has called me “Starfish” for most of our married years. I just found out that starfish do not have brains.


Let’s see how much you know about farming?

1). What is a booster hook? 2). What is a bale hook? 3). What farm animal, when upset, may spit at you? 4). When, approximately, did farmers begin raising crops? Answers: 1. A farm implement used to stack hay or straw. 2. A tool to handle small, square or round hay bales. 3. Llama. 4. According to some experts, 15,000 years ago, when Africans migrated to Asia.


Around 4,000 years ago, give or take a few hundred years, the first written numeral systems were used. However, it wasn’t until many hundreds of years afterward that there was a need for a number to represent “nothing.” Thus the “0” was invented. Zero is neither a positive or negative number. Do you know why the police didn’t believe in the zero’s alibi? Answer: It didn’t add up!

Pipe down!

The pipe organ was first used in the Major Leagues during a Chicago Cubs home game at Wrigley Field in 1941, but needed to stop before the game began, as the music would have been heard over the radio broadcast, a violation of ASCAP rules.


About 80 percent of garlic clove is water. Over 26 million tons of garlic is harvested each year. According to folklore, garlic has magical powers that can ward off vampires. Too bad it doesn’t do the same for some politicians, or, maybe we are talking one in the same.

Your body

Your body’s cells are regenerating every single day. This means you have an entirely new set of taste buds every 10 days. I would think that sometime I would get new taste buds so I can finally enjoy eating spinach! You get new nails every six to 10 months, new bone growth every 10 years. As for the brain, did you know that you have between 35 to 48 thoughts every minute? And my wife says I’m not as thoughtful as I should be.