Short Shots & Small Catches

September 22
That is when autumn officially arrives. The waters will start to cool and the fall fishing will begin. Many believe this season is the best for fishing. The fish seem to know what lies ahead of them in a few months so they tend to feed up. It’s also a beautiful time of the year so make sure you take advantage of it.

National parks
The first national park was Yellowstone, which is 144 years old. There are 18,000 miles of trails in the National Park System, totaling 84 million acres. Approximately 307 million visitors came to these in 2015.

Clean water
According to a study by the Izaak Walton League of America, only 2 percent of our nation’s streams and rivers are effectively monitored for water quality. The greatest threat to clean water is from polluted runoff into our rivers and tributaries. Fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals from our yards, highways and fields can carry these pollutants to our local waters.

This is hard to believe, but the little goldfish is the most popular pet in the world. Over 400 million goldfish are sold as pets each year. Most grow to 2 inches, but some can even reach 20 inches. Despite poor eyesight, a goldfish can recognize human faces. There are over 100 varieties and most live five years. However, some have lived to the ripe old age of 40.

Seriously, no ‘yoke’
If you are cooking with only the egg whites, save the yolks. Mix them up for use in a bird feeder. It is considered good for our feathered friends.

Pheasant tips
Keep in mind, if you and others are hunting pheasants, say in a cornfield, and don’t walk too slow. Also, those on the edges of a field need to be a little ahead of those in the middle.

Many of the bullets and shot are lead. Not all of them are. In higher-caliber bullets the lead must be wrapped in a stronger metal. If the bullet were all lead, it would not hold its shape as it leaves the muzzle of a gun. In most cases, lead is not allowed as shot for waterfowl hunting. Steel and other metals are now used as shot in shells for hunting ducks, geese, etc. The Romans were the first to use lead because it is waterproof and can be shaped easily.

Second Amendment
From time to time, much of the liberal press feels the need to degrade the National Rifle Association. While no organization on this planet is perfect, the NRA consistently looks after the legitimate gun owner. As the November elections get closer, be sure to see whom the NRA endorses. Remember that the press—print or electronic—have an agenda.

Our body
Your hair grows about one-half millimeter per day. The average person has about 100,000 hairs on their head. Did you know that you have a new set of taste buds every 10 days, and new nails every six to 10 months? Our brain and mouth work together to let us speak an average of 5,000 words a day. When fishing, if I happen to lose a good-sized fish, I guarantee I will use up 2,000 of those words in a few minutes.

‘Whale’ of a dialect
Just like we humans, sperm whales have dialects. According to scientists, whales in different locations use variations of sounds, including clicking sounds to communicate. Most of the “clicks” are used to communicate about social groups and food.