The In Ground Blind

A Permanent Pit Blind for Deer & Turkey Hunting.

Big bucks evade ordinary hunters because ordinary hunters can’t hunt where they want to. Now you can hunt there because you can hunt anywhere from an In Ground Blind. It is designed and built to last for decades and stays in the ground year-round with no annual maintenance. The real secrets to exceptional deer hunting success are a stealthy approach and the ability to hunt wherever necessary, no matter the weather. Take your hunting to a new level with the In Ground Blind system. You do have an alternative to tree stands and tent blinds. It’s time you take your hunt to where the big bucks are. Start your hunt here.


Learn how to hunt where the big bucks live. See how to make a deadly old-school technique even deadlier in this short video.



Big bucks within feet – See the deadliest deer hunting method you’ve never tried in this video clip!