STACK-ON® Introduces Armorguard Safes

Armorguard long gun safes deliver protection from fire and theft along with an unbeatable value. Four models are available, including a 64 gun, 72” tall safe.

Stack-On® Products presents the all-new Armorguard long gun safe lineup, including an impressive 72” tall model. Armorguard Safes offer protection against theft and fire and promise an unbeatable value. These safes include a long list of features that make them strong performers with great value. Four body sizes are available; 18, 24, and 40 gun capacity safes are 55” tall while the 64 gun safe is an impressive 72” tall. The units boast a beautiful tan adjustable interior. They have extra-large 1 ½’ locking bolts and full door storage on every unit. Armorguard safes are an incredible price for the value.”