Pflueger President LE

Americans elect a President every four years. To mark the upcoming occasion, Pflueger offers a President Limited Edition for anglers who can’t get enough of a classic reel that will never be a lame duck. With red accents covering a sleek navy blue canvas, the Pflueger President Limited Edition features a carbon handle with rosewood knob enhancing the accessories of a reel that is unimpeachable in terms of strength and reliability. The entire drag system is sealed, making sure this President is well protected from the elements.  The President Limited Edition is 60 percent lighter than traditional brass gears and aluminum main shaft is 30 percent lighter than stainless steel, a strength-to-weight ratio popular on both sides of aisle. The high-speed larger reels have a 6:2.1 gear ratio and are perfect for working light crankbaits or jigging stick baits though buck brush. The size 20 and 25 reels have a gear ratio of 5.2:1.  A Carbon Matrix drag system and nine-plus-one stainless steel ball bearing system, six-plus-one on the size 20, make this reel a smooth operator. MSRP $79.95