Lunkerhunt Link

When you see the Lunkerhunt Link™ up-close, you will marvel at its realism and patterns. You will immediately think of a dozen places where you want to fish it. You can tell it is a fish catcher just looking at it. It is when you make that first cast, and the Lunkerhunt Link™ springs to life, that you will get truly excited. You get caught up with it, playing with different cadences and retrieves as it walks its way across the water. The action comes effortlessly. Whether you are casting a chasing baitfish body style or a snake design, the strikes they generate are ferocious.


  • Innovative hinged “Link” technology
  • Chasing Baitfish and Serpent body patterns
  • Two sizes: 4.5 inch – 1/4 ounce and 6.75 inch – 5/8 ounce
  • Reinforced internal stringer for durability and strength
  • Two body styles: Baitfish and Snake
  • Three premium black nickel treble hooks
  • Rattle Chamber