Kent Cartridge-Bismuth Premium Shotshells

Kent Cartridge is bringing back an old favorite with many experienced hunters—its Bismuth® Premium Shotshells, available now at Kent product retailers.

 Using their proprietary technique, Kent has taken everything that was great about Bismuth® and made it better, creating pellets of superior integrity and ballistic capability. The bismuth and tin alloy results in a dense non-toxic shot that’s safe for the environment and meets waterfowl hunting restrictions.

 Drop-dead power and retained energy mean less injured birds, less felt recoil, tighter patterns, and consistency—less to worry about in the field, allowing greater enjoyment of your experience.

 Bismuth® is for use in fixed choke and high-grade shotgun barrels that may be damaged by harder shot like tungsten-composite or steel.


Kent Cartridge was established in 1996 as a small group of sportsmen discussing the future of shotgunning and developed into the innovative international cartridge company they are today. In 1997, Kent purchased the Activ Cartridge factory in Kearneysville, giving them a home base in the heart of wild and wonderful West Virginia. In 1998, they expanded into Europe with the acquisition of the Gamebore Cartridge Company in Hull, England. The Kent-Gamebore Corporation was then formed and now carries on business throughout North America and around the world.