Have Gun, Will Travel: Transportation Storage for Handguns, Valuables

Perhaps you’re old enough to remember the old black and white TV western Have Gun – Will Travel starring Richard Boone as Paladin, gentleman gunfighter for hire dressed all in black. His business card featured a knight (chess piece) augmented by the simple phrase, “Have Gun – Will Travel.” If you were in dire circumstances and needed help you simply sent a telegraph message to him in San Francisco. Apparently, everyone in San Fran knew where to find him at the plush Carlton Hotel.

But I digress. My wife Liz would likely ask what I forgot in order to remember all of that. Nothing too important, I hope.

Yet, speaking of importance—what’s more important than keeping your stuff safe when you travel? You know, important stuff like cash or traveler’s checks, passports, airline or concert tickets, a smartphone, proof of your dog’s vaccinations, a handgun, or, having a safe place to stash your wallet when you’re wading a river or stream, climbing a rock face or going for a swim? It’s all fun and games until you need to leave your valuables behind in the car, the motel or somewhere else that’s less than secure.

For peace of mind, and for flat-out security, if you’re going to bring it with you why not bring along something to securely store it in until you need it? Then you’ll know that it will still be there when you come back.

Stack-On, known for their armored gun and security cabinets, safes and such, also makes a line of portable cases and boxes constructed of solid steel designed to secure your valuables at home, in your kid’s dorm, a hotel room, in checked luggage during airline flights (TSA approved) or on the go and wherever that you go.

Intriguingly, they come in all shapes and sizes, slim and small to moderately large, yet are totable and capable of being securely attached via a 1,500-test steel cable to the immovable object of your choice (find one locally; don’t bring it with you), tucked under your front seat or bolted into the frame of your car trunk. Many feature foam-padded interiors to help protect dainty contents from damage during travel. Others are pretty much designed to fend off tornadoes or defend against a tank attack.

Are you old school or high-tech?

Depending on the unit, they come with key locks, combination locks, electronic locks, and even biometric locks, which means they read your fingerprints. So you can’t lose the key or combination, because it’s literally—wait for it—at your fingertips. If you’re in the business of transporting or smuggling industrial or state secrets, perhaps you’re due for an upgrade? Or, heck, some even come in camo for when you’re hiding out in a treestand in the turkey woods or just plain hiding out in your “hideout.”

So, no matter where you go, you can take it with you. And expect to bring it back alive.

Wait—that reminds me of the old Wanted Dead or Alive TV series starring Steve McQueen as a bounty hunter in the Old West.

But I digress—again.

In the meantime, if you need me I might just be hanging out at the Carlton, humming an old Bon Jovi tune while watching Deadliest Catch, or just waist-deep in a stream somewhere tangling with the trout.


For more information, visit stack-on.com. Tell ‘em the Man in Black sent you, and that he’s got your back—in black.