Family Security: Safe Ideas from Stack-On

I’m a proud, safe and educated firearm owner. To me, guns are objects: nothing more, nothing less. They have never done anything on their own. Good and evil lies in the heart of the individual.

In an honest person’s hands, guns have helped protect lives and win the freedom we enjoy in this country. In a criminal’s hands, they are used for evil. And as a responsible firearms owner, I believe in protecting my loved ones, my home and myself. Those close to me know that I would take a bullet for them. Better to die defending loved ones I say, rather than run as a coward. With all that being said, I believe your firearms should be guarded and protected from those who do not have integrity and might use them to do harm to others.

I keep numerous firearms in my home. I hunt big game, upland birds and waterfowl, and I’m also an avid sporting clays shooter. I have a conceal carry license and was certified through the state as a shotgun instructor. I have safes in my house to protect other valuables, as well as my firearms.

I want to highlight a couple products that can make having firearms in your home not only safe, but secure.

Stack-On has a large selection of dependable, affordable safes that anyone or any family can rely on. I take this subject seriously, so the Stack-On Quick Access pistol safe is one product I can recommend. It also has a biometric lock, features backlighting for visibility and makes accessing your secure items fast and easy. The lock can be programmed to accept up to 20 different fingerprints and has a spring-loaded door that swings down with the pistol in the ready position. The safe can hold most popular handguns ranging in lower sizes up to a full-size 1911, and hold standard-sized pistols. I can have my firearm of choice locked up but ready, if I ever need it. Their safe is also slim enough to mount beside your bed, next to a bookcase, secured (as I do) or to a wall main support, etc.

Stack-On has designed many well-designed options for you to protect your firearms, as well as any belongings. (Serious consideration should also be directed toward Stack-On’s Quick Access Personal Safe, which also has a biometric lock.) According to reviews, these safes are easy to program for the owner and come with foam-padded bottoms to protect contents. Each safe includes fastening hardware and has pre-drilled holes for mounting to the floor or a shelf. They can also be mounted in hard-to-reach access areas or under your bed just within reach.

I have talked to numerous people in the law enforcement community, and honestly, you are your first line of defense. Like it or not, it’s true, and you cannot simply believe it will never to you.

Answer yourself these questions: In today’s world, do you feel safe? Do you feel your family is safe? If you hesitated in your response, then you better come to the realization that you and you alone will defend yourself and your family first—before help arrives. Get trained and educated and be prepared. Quick access to your firearms is not just smart, but it also may save you, your spouse or your child’s life.

I pray to God none of us ever has to defend ourselves or our family from those who wish to do us harm. But the reality is that someone reading this will face that situation or already has. I can honestly say that if you’re in need of a secure option to store just about anything, Stack-On has it. I have them in my home and can tell you that when it comes to family security, “safe” ideas are made at Stack-On.