Barronett Blinds – Pentagon

The World’s First 5-Sided Hunting Hub Blind

The first of its kind, the Pentagon offers added interior room and unrivaled views through the panoramic window arrangement
The unique shape of the Pentagon adds 70% more interior room than similar 4-sided hub blinds, offering a footprint of 41.5
square feet. The extra room is ideal for group hunts, extra gear, camera equipment or wheelchairs.

The large, panoramic windows cover three sides of the Pentagon and allow a wide-angle view around the hunter. Each window is covered with replaceable, shoot-through mesh camo windows, and the three center window
s feature gun ports.

Like all Barronett Blinds, the Pentagon’s framework is constructed from heavy duty fiberglass poles and strong metal hubs. It sets up and takes down in under one minute. The Pentagon is available in BLOODTRAIL Backwoods Camo.